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Nourishing Souls. Building Trust. Growing Compassion. Our PA animal sanctuary can’t do this important work without you.

For nearly 20 years, Chenoa Manor has served our community as an animal sanctuary and learning center located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. We work to nurture and respect the interconnectedness of all strands in the web of life through stewardship and youth education. Chenoa Manor is 100% volunteer-run and we rely exclusively on the financial support generated from programs, events and contributions from individuals, businesses and foundations like you.
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Chenoa Manor’s primary mission is three-fold:

  1. To offer farm and exotic animals lifetime sanctuary from situations where they have no alternative placement
  2. To nurture and empower youth through educational programs that promote nature connectedness, communication, and self-confidence
  3. To promote respect and compassion for nature and animals through workshops that engage our community and the public at large

It is our hope that we are not only able to offer a permanent safe space for animals in need, but that our programming helps to instill a sense of compassion and respect towards the earth and those who share it, including one another. This sense of unity and respect is palpable at Chenoa, reflected in the animals, youth, trees, plants, bodies of water and the land itself.

Creating a Safe Space for All

Chenoa Manor on CBS
Chenoa Manor Youth Program Featured on CBS Read the Full Story
A main focus at Chenoa Manor is providing education and empowerment to youth. We believe that if a young person can develop a relationship with an animal resident based upon mutual trust, patience and understanding, in turn those same qualities will carry over into how they approach human relationships and self identity.

We offer a wide array of programming and volunteer opportunities for young people in our community. Spending time at Chenoa leaves a lasting impact, and many alumni choose to share how powerfully they have been affected by these experiences through their own words, videos, and pictures.

Youth Testimonials

Internship Opportunities

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