Internships at Chenoa

Thank you for your interest in the internship program at Chenoa Manor. As a small, volunteer-run non-profit organization, Chenoa Manor offers students a unique and rewarding opportunity.

You have the opportunity to experience what goes into operating an independent animal sanctuary and youth assistance facility. The Manor is home to over 200 farm and exotic animals and serves as a safe place of learning and growth for area youth. As an intern at Chenoa Manor, you will have the following responsibilities:

1. Farm Hand

You would be involved in the daily work of the farm, helping to feed, water and look after the animal residents, along with lending a hand to other grounds maintenance and related tasks. We encourage you to breathe deeply, look closely and experience life at the pace of the animals who call Chenoa home.

2. Advocate

Since Chenoa Manor depends entirely on public support to keep operations going, it is important for us to get the word out about the good work going on at the farm. As an intern at Chenoa Manor, you can help us in this goal by documenting what has been particularly meaningful to you during your internship. This can be through journaling, blogging, video blogging or whatever medium interests you.

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3. Fundraiser

We have a wish list of potential projects at Chenoa Manor that would help to improve the lives of the animal residents and strengthen our educational programming. These range from new enclosures for the animals to increasing our horticultural program at the farm. We encourage you to choose a project that speaks to you or suggest a project of your own, and then work to raise funds in support of that project. This gives you the opportunity to create & implement, from start to finish, a project all your own.

4. Artist

As a safe haven for those in need, Chenoa Manor strives to create a space that encourages compassion and respect for all beings. We feel that art, in all of its various forms, is another way to show the inherent connection between our lives and that of the natural environment. As an intern, you can help create an art project, using your unique vision and talents, to display for future visitors to the Manor.

Because caring for the residents of the Manor is a 365-day-a-year responsibility, there is always a need for interns, regardless of the time of year. We can be flexible and creative in tailoring an internship to fit your schedule and needs while meeting the needs of the sanctuary.

If this sounds like a potential match for you, please send us an email inquiry and we can explore the possibility further. Please contact us at [email protected]

2021 DATES:

Spring Term: March 21 st – May 30 th
Summer Term: June 1 st – August 7 th

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