Chenoa Manor is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that serves as a safe home for animals with nowhere left to turn. Our sanctuary is home to over 200 animals, including those freed from factory farms, animals used in lab experiments, and various exotic species. Most of Chenoa Manor’s residents were neglected, abused, or en route to slaughter prior to being given a second chance at the sanctuary.

All the animals accepted at Chenoa Manor become permanent residents of the sanctuary and are not adopted by individuals. They are provided with a lifetime of care, safety, and compassion on Chenoa Manor’s twenty-five-acre farm.

The animal’s daily needs and veterinary care are provided by Dr. Rob Teti, Chenoa Manor’s steward, and licensed veterinarian.

Humane Education

Although only 25 acres, Chenoa Manor cherishes its natural life and the energy contained therein – the trees, the grasses of the pastures, the 200 hundred-year-old barn, the waterways, and the animal life.

Since the focus of our work is on animals and youth, we must be thoughtful and selective about who visits the sanctuary. Those who visit should be individuals who truly want to be here to gain a better understanding of the unique projects and potential at Chenoa, and not simply curiosity-seekers or people who consider themselves animal lovers.

Chenoa Manor’s primary mission is two-fold, to serve our animal residents as well as the youth who seek to be here. That mission embodies a sense of unity and respect among the youth, the animals, and the surrounding environment, including the trees, plants, bodies of water and the land itself.

The importance of the youth component is to instill a sense of compassion and respect toward other individuals through positive interaction with animals & the environment. If a young person can develop a relationship with an animal resident based upon mutual trust, patience, and understanding, then those same qualities may be carried over to the teen’s relationships with other individuals.

Humane Lifestyle

In addition, Chenoa Manor encourages a more compassionate and humane world via the abstinence of violence and the promotion of a plant-based lifestyle. There is a well-documented connection between animal abuse and abuse against people. Chenoa Manor’s goal is to halt this cycle of abuse through humane educational programs and positive life experiences.


Disconnected from nature and our environment. This is a phrase often used today to describe the youth of America. Chenoa Manor’s mission for the future is to provide the opportunity for these broken bonds to heal.

Reconnecting our youth to the land and all of its inhabitants is of utmost importance to us at Chenoa. Our goal is to provide learning and life experience opportunities for each child so they have a better realization of where their food comes from, give them an elevated understanding of the rhythm of life, and instill in them deep respect for all living beings.

This is accomplished through hands-on experience in our teaching gardens as well as developing relationships with our non-human animal friends. We aspire to reconnect each child to the planet and inspire them to see it in a whole new light.

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