The Chenoa Manor Story

Chenoa Manor

Chenoa Manor is an accredited animal sanctuary located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. We focus exclusively on farm animals and a few exotic animals and do not work with wildlife or dogs and cats. We have limited space, and as a result only take in the neediest of animals, in situations that are either unstable or very grim. We work with other accredited sanctuaries, humane officers, and shelters to place animals, and do not accept owner-surrenders unless there are extenuating circumstances (a person’s terminal illness, for example).

The animals who call Chenoa Manor home have come to us from a variety of circumstances. Many arrive at the sanctuary after suffering the abuses of factory farming, cruelty, or hoarding situations; others were subjected to laboratory experiments, or simply abandoned in the wild and left to fend for themselves.

Our farm is a unique and spiritual space. Long before Chenoa Manor was a non-profit organization, the land itself was held very sacred by the Lenape Indians (the word Chenoa comes from the Native American term meaning white dove). In addition to the Native American ancestors, many of the

Manor’s visitors – from energy workers and healers to astrologers and Bhutanese monks – have all agreed that there is something “otherworldly” about this 25-acre parcel of land. There is an inherent sense of peace and connection, not only among our animal residents but also with the youth who are regularly involved with the sanctuary.

Chenoa Manor is primarily guided by an Inner Circle Council. The Inner Circle is composed of young adults who have been impacted by the Manor and her offerings, either through internships or community service. Together, they lead Chenoa forward with their ideas and decisions, supported by an Elder Circle. The Elder Circle is comprised of visionary professionals who range from doctors to actresses to artists, each offering their wisdom, experience, and expertise as needed.

Our organization is 100% volunteer-run, and we have no paid staff. We rely exclusively on contributions from the public to support the costs of animal care, building and property maintenance, and programming.

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