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With your support, we can meet our goal to improve facilities for the animals and expand our education program.

Chenoa Manor is a Non-Profit Organization.

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation.”
– The Dalai Lama

Because everything Chenoa Manor does, from youth programming to the feeding of the mouths of the smallest resident, is only able to happen because of the financial support of the community that believes in Chenoa’s mission. A community of individuals who selflessly and generously donate to maintain and elevate Chenoa’s work. Our deepest appreciation lies with our Benefactors. As a show of gratitude to their generosity, private tours and visits are arranged exclusively for Benefactors of the manor.

Benefactors are those individuals or companies that contribute either $1,000 annually or $100 monthly, on a recurring basis. Benefits of being a Benefactor of Chenoa Manor include:

  • a name plaque on one of our riparian buffer trees
  • an invite to our private Gratitude Cocktail party
  • early access to events
  • meet & greets with new residents once they have been integrated into the general population
  • private tours/visits based on previously scheduled youth programs

Our EIN# is 41-2076432, and included in your confirmation email.

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