Bridget’s Internship Reflections

Bridget’s Internship Reflections

Bridget reflects on her time spent interning at Chenoa, from first impressions to the lasting impact the experience had on her understanding of herself and those around her.

Walking into the front gate on orientation day, it didn’t take me long to realize that this internship was going to be a most interesting experience. Coming out of three months of strict quarantine, it was quite fun to have one of my first real outings be to Chenoa.

I distinctly remember being led over to the semi-circle that had been formed by Dr. Rob, Christiane, Megan, Ben, and my two other fellow eagerly awaiting interns. Here we sat, cross-legged in the long grass, staring into the eyes of each other, and into the eyes of the curious goats and sheep pressing their bodies up against the fence next to us. In a way, I felt associated with these sheep before I knew them at all- I shared their same curiosity and excitement. It was a blissful moment for me. My brain was swarming with thoughts of potential opportunities getting to know the animals and people associated with Chenoa Manor Animal Sanctuary.

This first encounter with the fellows served as an inspirational and informative gathering. I specifically remember Rob telling the three of us something along the lines of “this internship is as much you helping and assisting the animals and residents of Chenoa, as it is FOR you- finding yourself in such a setting, and furthering your passion…” I really had no idea what this statement meant, or at least not to the degree it did. Ten weeks later, I now fully understand.

This summer has been a journey; one filled with so many new adventures and opportunities for growth and learning. It seems extremely difficult to fathom this internship coming to an end; it seems apart of me in ways I could never have imagined. While I accept that I will never be able to relive the euphoric feeling that overtook me when first stepping foot on to Chenoa, or ever complete our daily tasks for the first time again; I know that my heart will forever feel connected to this sanctuary, and my soul rooted with the animals and beautiful beings that have taught me so much about life, about myself. I will eternally cherish every moment spent in such a coveted utopic-esq piece of land, the happiness that engulfed me on the daily, the purpose that I felt working alongside such spectacular humans and creatures.

For that, Chenoa, I thank you.