Lily & Mumford the Rabbit

Lily & Mumford the Rabbit

This latest Interns Impressions installment features Lily’s reflection on the relationship she’s building with one of our rabbit residents, Mumford.

This past Thursday, I experienced a major improvement with my relationship with Mumford the rabbit.

Mumford came from a hoarding situation, so he resides along with the chickens. Over the course of the past few weeks, I have paid many frequent and brief visits with Mumford. As I refreshed his water bowl or laid down some greens in his pen, I noticed how he appeared apprehensive about my presence.

As the days moved along, I began attempting to increase our levels of interaction. I began by holding my hand distantly from his face. Fortunately, Mumford became familiar with hands due to the many sprigs of buttercup flowers and weeds I offered him regularly. But when I attempted to stroke his back, Mumford quickly scurried away into his den.

Because of his undeniable cuteness, I was very eager and determined to make this adorable bunny my best friend. But I knew  in order to develop a relationship with Mumford, I must gradually and respectfully increase interaction, in order to prioritize Mumfords comfort and timidness in this situation. So, I visited his pen twice a day, bringing bunches of his favorite plants and treats. Slowly allowing him to become even more comfortable and regular with my presence.

Right before I was about to leave the sanctuary, I stopped in for a last visit with Mumford. To my surprise, he hopped right up to the tips of my shoes. So, I bent down and began petting his back. Mumford was completely comfortable, allowing me to closely interact with him through touch.

This moment truly resonated with me, because it displayed how with time and care, trust can be made. Here at Chenoa, all the animals have been exposed to unfortunate events that impeded their lives. Whether these obstacles were inflicted by humans or not, they all have so much love and joy to provide, regardless of the pain and sorrow people have put them through. So although it may seem like a baby step, Mumford opening up allowed me to fully comprehend how resilient and forgiving all of the animals are.