Reflections on Birth & Rebirth

Reflections on Birth & Rebirth

Intern Talia shares thoughts about how the Manor offers a transformative growing experience for all of its residents and visitors, old and young, human and non-human alike.

Summer is a time of growth, both for the sweet little babies born in the early spring months and for the adults transitioning to a new year. This applies to animals and humans. At Chenoa, things are no different. With two new kids and many tiny ducklings waddling around, one cannot help but ponder the birth and rebirth cycle of the summer.

Oftentimes when glancing around the wide landscape that encompasses Chenoa, I cannot help but think about how none of this lively vivacious life would be here without caring individuals who dedicate time and money to helping those in need. Each new duckling born could not exist if their mother and father were not helped. Furthermore, each additional generation would not exist, summing up to a countless number of ducklings.

Even more than the birth that comes from Chenoa is the rebirth of the animals that enter the sanctuary. Whether it is Yolanda, the big pig who went from sleeping by the side of the run-in all day to being the queen of the big pigs, or the pair of baby goats who are now able to frolic with their older friends, Chenoa gives animals a new life. By being safe, the animals have the opportunity to develop their own distinct personalities and live their best lives.

Moreover, Chenoa does this for every person that enters the sanctuary. Walking through the gates turns into a holy cleansing where doubts and fears and anxieties wash away. There is no space for worrying. By selflessly deciding to care for animals, one is able to selfishly reap certain benefits. There is a rebirth for each person who allows themselves to understand what it means to truly care for and care about others.