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“‘THANK YOU’ is the best prayer anyone can say”- Alice Walker

Chenoa Manor wishes to express gratitude & thanks to:

Captain Joseph T. Adams. The family of this gentle maritime soul requests that, in lieu of flowers, friends make contributions to Chenoa Manor.  Read about the captain’s amazing nautical life here.

Laura Florence. This special spirit with a heart of gold does an amazing job caring for the hooves of the manor’s equine residents…volunteering her time and services for our horse family.



The Discerning Brute. This web site, specifically geared toward “the ethically handsome man”, features all sorts of amazing links and information from fashion to food and etiquette that do not involve the oppression, use, or exploitation of our fellow animals.

Plantbuilt. An amazingly fit group of elite vegan athletes promoting plant-based fitness.



They are bright, bold, and beautiful…and they’re blooming at the Manor…sunflowers!  Ditch the styrofoam cups and sow these delightful seeds directly into the ground. They’ve long been associated with a spiritual significance in various cultures, likening the plant’s tall, stately growth and affinity for the sun to the spiritual path many humans follow on their quest for enlightenment.  Various cultures also view the sunflower as an auspicious symbol – one of happiness, vitality, and long life. The Greeks used the sunflower as a symbol for Clytie, who grieves over the loss of her beloved Apollo…always facing the sun with the hopes of seeing the return of her beloved and his chariot. For Native Americans, the sunflower’s direct association with the sun is a symbol of the Great Spirit and its life-giving force.  Thus, it was used in festivals as a symbol of bounty and harvest.

Chenoa Manor’s dynamic summer intern duo planted sunflowers as a way to attract bees naturally. Sunflowers also give us their superfood seeds…rich in ‘heart-healthy’ fats, fiber (to aid in digestion), Vitamin E (rich in anti-oxidants), and tryptophan (natural anti-depressants), just to name a few. From their beauty, to their lore, to their nutritional benefits, the sunflower is a beautiful reminder to take a moment every day and turn your face to the sun!